Network with Category 7 Cables.

Category 7 cables are much preferable to get good performance.

Probable issues on network performance are related to “Access to internet” and the load between iTunes Music on iMac and AirPlay on TX-8150 via the wireless network.  As I mentioned the other day, the volume in iCloud has been reduced.

So far, it is good. There is no excuse. The sound quality seems to be better than the previous network structure.

By the way, I gave up uBlock Origin / uBlock / Adblock Plus for Safari but keep Ghostery Lite. I don’t know if Clean Links for Google works good.

p.s. The Wi-Fi on TX-8150 is turned off. The iTune music is connected to it via Category 7 cables. I believe it is more stable than the wireless between Music on iPhone and TX-8150. And on iPhone would be better than nothing.



Source code for “Help”

1. Source code:

Help sample code is at dropbox.

2. Note:

  • The sample code includes webView Help and screenshot Help.
  • The main Window is designed by NSSplitView. ① Left:NA, ② Center:google, ③ Right:screenshot Help.
  • The webView Help becomes effective when “Help” in the top bar is clicked.
  • The content block filters should be redefined.

I found issues on Xcode10.0 / Mojave but nothing to do so far.

  • Unable to load Info.plist exceptions (eGPUOverrides)
    → Xcode / Mojave bug?
  • Code Compatibility
    → helpImage.append(NSImage(named:NSImage.Name(wImageEnglish[inx]))!)
  • When App Sandbox turns on, the sample code cannot read a URL.

3.1 Screenshot Images:


3.2 webView Help:


3.3 Screenshot Help




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