Source code for “Help”

1. Source code:

Help sample code is at dropbox.

2. Note:

  • The sample code includes webView Help and screenshot Help.
  • The main Window is designed by NSSplitView. ① Left:NA, ② Center:google, ③ Right:screenshot Help.
  • The webView Help becomes effective when “Help” in the top bar is clicked.
  • The content block filters should be redefined.

I found issues on Xcode10.0 / Mojave but nothing to do so far.

  • Unable to load Info.plist exceptions (eGPUOverrides)
    → Xcode / Mojave bug?
  • Code Compatibility
    → helpImage.append(NSImage(named:NSImage.Name(wImageEnglish[inx]))!)
  • When App Sandbox turns on, the sample code cannot read a URL.

3.1 Screenshot Images:


3.2 webView Help:


3.3 Screenshot Help